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John and Don Walker
The Ventures! Zipped MIDI Collection

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John Walker:

Don Walker:

Do you enjoy the music of The Ventures? If you do, you'll love the sounds below! You'll find more by visiting John at and Don at Have fun and enjoy the music.

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All music files contained within this page were Sequenced and/or Created by John or Don Walker. Should you have questions regarding their music, please visit their websites and follow their instructions. "Right Click" on the .ZIP Title (link) and choose "Save Target As" or "Save As" to copy the .ZIP to your hard drive.

John Walker's Zipped MIDIs

Don Walker's Zipped MIDIs

The Ventures' MIDI Collection by Don Walker (70 midis, 1 readme.txt - 1.67 mb)
We broke the larger 1.67 mb .zip into 4 smaller files (below) to make downloading easier for those who are still using a slower modem. A "readme.txt" file containing Contact Info and the Title, Size, Year and Sequencer of each MIDI is included in each .zip file. "Right-Click" on a link to save the .zip to your hard-drive. Some of the Titles included are: Apache, Bluebird, Bird Rock, Hawaii Five-0, La Bamba, Telstar, The Lonely Bull (Tijuana Brass), just to name a few.

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