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Music File Information and Instructions

Important Information:

Alta's Music Pages is one of the largest collections of MIDI and .WAV music online.

These files have been collected and are shared here for your enjoyment.

Contents of these pages are for entertainment purposes only.

This means:

  1. NO music file may be sold or modified in any way.

  2. NO music file may be used in any form to incentivize the sale of products or services without direct permission from the artist/creator.

  3. MIDI files where the artist/creator is not stipulated are also copyrighted. They must be handled with the same respect and guidelines as those where the artist/creator is known.

This collection of MIDI and .WAV files was gathered from various web sites on the Internet. All files are believed to be in the public domain.

The only purpose for these Music files is for personal enjoyment. There is no intent to infringe on any copyright. If you hold copyright to any music on these pages and wish to have it removed, please contact the Webmaster and provide legal proof of your right to demand removal. If verified, the music will be removed immediately.

It is the policy of 'Alta's MIDI Doorway' to acknowledge and respect the rights and interests of those persons and firms who have contributed to the production of the Music files which are available for listening to and downloading from this site. If any such person or firm is of the opinion that 'Alta's MIDI Doorway' has in any way violated this policy as to any Music appearing on this site, we would be pleased if you would let us know of your concerns, and we will attempt to rectify the situation where appropriate.

All of the MIDI sequences listed under the name of Gary Wachtel are Copyright (c) 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 by Blue Max Distribution. All rights are reserved.

MIDI sequences by Don Carroll marked as 'original composition' are owned by Don Carroll and may not be used on any web page without his personal permission.

Please, DOWNLOAD THE MUSIC FILES TO YOUR OWN HARD DRIVE! Our bandwidth is limited!

AlbertaRose takes no responsibility for malfunctions or problems that may occur during your download. You agree to accept full responsibility. Once you have downloaded any files, images, or any other material contained within, AlbertaRose is no longer responsible for your actions taken regarding any and all materials, copyright, etc.

Please enjoy the music! That's why you're here.

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