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Harry Todd
The Gitpicker
Zipped MIDI Collection

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Garnet Edward (Ace) Bailey
This page is dedicated to Garnet Edward (Ace) Bailey and his family. Garnet was murdered on September 11, 2001, when United Airlines Flight 175 was purposefully and intentionally rammed into the South Tower, WTC.
Have you forgotten?

Harry Todd: Country - Cajun & More

Jazz, Gospel, Country and more... Harry has a beautiful site. You can spend many hours just clicking on the different links and listening to some very beautiful music. So, if you like Country and Cajun style music with down south beauty, visit Harry and enjoy the wonderful results of his efforts! If you have any questions reguarding the use of Harry's MIDIs, please contact him at Thank you and may God bless!

Debbie - aka AlbertaRose
Web Site Owner


The following zipped midi files were Sequenced and/or Created by Harry Todd The Gitpicker. "Right Click" on the .ZIP Title (link) and choose "Save Target As" or "Save As" to copy the .ZIP to your hard drive.

Old Lefty Frizzell Classics

Patsy Cline Classics
Note: These songs were sung by Patsy Cline, but some were written by others.

Inspirational Gospel Music

Old Country Tunes

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