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Alta's Christmas Music!

AlbertaRose Salutes Our Military Men & Women!
Thank YOU and GodSpeed!

"May the Lord bless you
and protect you.
May the Lord smile on you
and be gracious to you.
May the Lord show you his favor
and give you his peace." amen.

Standards and Humorous Christmas Lyrics
Christmas Music Page 1 in .mid format
Christmas Music Page 2 in .mid format
Humorous Christmas Music Page 3 in .wav format
Traditional Christmas Music by 101 Strings in .wav format
Traditional Christmas Music by The Canadian Brass in .wav format
Christmas Stories in .wav format
Walter Brennan: The Man and His Life

Merry Christmas! Please feel free to download and save these Christmas files to your own computer. You can place them on your own personal pages, or add them to your play list to play music while you're surfing the web. Please do NOT use them for any other purpose! They cannot be sold or used as promotional material. Where the name of the Artist, link, or copyrighted information is present, it must also be present when used in your web pages or in any other materials other than for your own personal use.

I'm very thankful to these very talented people for allowing us to benefit from their talents! For some Midi Music that I consider to be of the BEST quality, go to The Midi Studio Consortium. Here you'll find top quality music styles by many well-known Internet artists. There's a Genre to suit everyone's taste!

It was once said "Music can lift the soul, calm the body and stimulate the mind". So true! Nothing has a greater impact on our emotions than sound!

God bless you and yours this season with much happiness and joy. If you're rushed for time, you can right-click here for a free copy of all the music files (4.4 mb) contained within these Christmas pages!

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