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AlbertaRose Salutes Our Military Men & Women! Thank YOU!
GodSpeed to Victory!

The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
.WAV file by the Andrews Sisters

The 60's were years of turmoil and change. The United States suffered greatly with the Vietnam war and assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Songs like Abraham, Martin and John and Eve of Destruction were born.

Hippies helped birth the concept of if it feels good, do it!—and many did—drugs, alcohol, freedom of sexual preferences, disrespect, rebellion—and the list goes on. Irresponsibility was glamorized and encouraged while responsiblity was cast aside. A 180° turn from the previous generation of honor, dignity and patriotism. Not exactly good responses to global uncertainty.

How will history portray us in these current times of terrorism and war? Will we run and hide as we did back then, or will we finally face reality and responsibility?

Debbie - aka AlbertaRose
Web Site Owner

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Unchained Melody
Under The boardwalk - Sequenced by Don Carroll
Under The Boardwalk
Under Double Eagle - Sequenced by Dick Anderson
Up On The Roof - Sequenced by Don Carroll

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Vaya Con Dios

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Walk Don't Run - Sequenced by Don Carroll
Walk Don't Run 2 - Sequenced by John Walker
Walk Don't Run 3 - Sequenced by Don Walker
Walk Like A Man
Walk On
Walk On By - Sequenced by Dick Anderson
Walk On Life
Who's Sorry Now?
Wayward Wind - Gogi Grant
We've Only Just Begun
Were You There?
What a Difference You've Made In My Life - Sequenced by Don Carroll
What A Wonderful World - Sequenced by Don Carroll
What A Wonderful World This Would Be - Sequenced by Don Carroll
What A Friend
When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again
When The Saints - Sequenced by Don Carroll
When The Saints 2
Where There Is Faith
Who'll Stop The Rain?
Whos Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?
Why Me, Lord?
Wind Beneath My Wings - Sequenced by Don Carroll
Wind Surfer
Wolverton Mountain
Wouldn't It Be Nice?

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Yakety Sax - Sequenced by Don Carroll
Yellow Rose of Texas - Sequenced by Don Carroll
Yesterday - Sequenced by Don Carroll
Yesterday When I Was Young
You Are My Lady
You Are My Sunshine
You Are My Sunshine - Sequenced by Dick Anderson
You Are So Beautiful To Me - Sequenced by Don Carroll
You Belong To Me
You Really Got Me Going
You'll Never Walk Alone
Young Love

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