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"Gentleman Jim" Reeves
Country Songs Collection

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A Beautiful Life According To My Heart Page 1
Across The Bridge Adios Amigo (#2 1962) After Loving You
A Letter To My Heart   All Dressed Up And Lonely
Am I Losing You (#31 in 1960)   Am I That Easy To Forget
Angels Don't Lie   A Nickel Piece Of Candy
Annabel Lee   Anna Marie (1958)
A Railroad Bum   A Star Fell From Heaven
Aura Lee   Billy Biyou (#1 for five weeks, 1959)
Bimbo (1958)   Blue Canadian Rockies
Blue Side Of Lonesome   Blue Skies
Butterfly Love   But You Love Me Daddy
Carolina Moon FOR MORE Jim Reeves Dark Moon
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About Jim Reeves (1923-1964)
Country Singer - "Gentleman Jim"

Jim Reeves - 20 Gospel Favorites James Travis "Jim" Reeves (20 August 1923 - 31 July 1964) was an American country singer known for his warm velvety voice.

Although he started off as a secular singer, he had a 'conversion' experience to Christianity and he switched into religious songs.

His secular songs were remarkable for their simple elegance highlighted by his rich baritone. Songs such as "He'll have to go", "Adios Amigo", and "Am I Losing You" exemplify this. His later Christian songs were more complex. The prime example of this is the album We Thank Thee (1962). Jim Reeves' Christmas songs have been perennial favorites, including songs such as "Silver Bells", "Blue Christmas", and "An Old Christmas Card".

Gentleman Jim Reeves was perhaps the biggest male star to emerge from the Nashville sound. His mellow baritone voice and... and muted velvet orchestration combined to create a sound that echoed around his world and has lasted to this day.

In the early 1960s, Reeves was more popular than Elvis Presley in South Africa. In fact, he was a superstar there. He even recorded a couple of albums in Afrikaans. In 1963 he starred in a South African movie, Kimberley Jim, which was the biggest South African production up to that date. He had a No.1 hit on the United Kingdom pop charts in 1966 with "Distant Drums", a song written for him by Cindy Walker.

Jim Reeves was one of the few Western singers, including music acts such as Boney M and ABBA, who became widely known in the non-European world, including Africa, India and Southeast Asia. To this day, he is affectionately referred to as 'Gentleman Jim' in these parts.

“ Reeves was at the height of his career when his private plane crashed outside of Nashville on July 31, 1964. The bodies of Reeves and his manager, Dean Manuel, were found two days later and were buried in his home state of Texas. Though Reeves had died, his popularity did not vanish -- in fact, his sales increased following his death. Throughout the late '60s, RCA released a series of posthumous singles -- including "This Is It" (1965), "Is It Really Over?" (1965), "Distant Drums" (1966), and "I Won't Come in While He's There" (1967) -- many of which hit number one.” -- David Vinopal, All Music Guide

Jim Reeves was elected into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1967. In 1998, he was inducted into the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame in Carthage, Texas, where the Jim Reeves Memorial ( is located.

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