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Dave Dudley: The Truckers' Friend
Country Songs Collection

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Dave Dudley - Trucker Classics

Dave Dudley - 20th Century Masters

Dave Dudley - American Trucker

Dave Dudley - Truck Drivin Son of a Gun

Dave Dudley - Six Days On The Road
A Tombstone Every Mile  
Asphalt Cowboy  
Comin' Home  
Deisel Smoke  
Freightliner Fever  
Hello, I'm A Truck  
Keep On Truckin'  
Long Time Gone  
Squaws Along The Yukon  
I've Been Through The Mill  
The Last Run  
Truck Driving Man  

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Dave Dudley (1928 - 2003)
#87 in the Top 100 Country Music Artists of All Time.

Dave Dudley - Trucker Classics Dave Dudley (born as Darwin David Pedruska or Pudraska, in Spencer, Wisconsin, USA, May 3 1928 and grew up in Stevens Point, Wisconsin - passed on December 22, 2003) was an American country singer, best known for his songs about the lives of truck drivers.

Following an arm injury in 1950 that ruined his baseball career, Dudley began singing country music and formed the Dave Dudley Trio in 195e. The band stayed together for seven years.

Dudley moved to Minnesota and formed the Country Gentlemen in 1960. Even though he spent several months in hospital following a car accident, his career never suffered and started to take off with songs like "Maybe I do" and "Under the Cover of Night".

He founded his own label, Golden Wing, in 1963, and released the up-tempo song "Six Days on the Road", (originally recorded in 1961 to please a friend) which made him a superstar over night. "Six Days on the Road" spawned an entire new sub-genre within country music, telling tales of the lives of truckers and depicting them as hard-working, hard-living men.

Later successes included "Truck Drivin' Son-of-a-Gun", "Two Six Packs Away", "There Ain't No Easy Run", "One More Mile", "The Original Travelling Man", "Trucker's Prayer" and "Truck Driver's Waltz", many of which were written by or together with Tom T. Hall.

In 1970, Dudley's "The Pool Shark" became a number one country hit. He also recorded a duet with Tom T. Hall, "Day drinkin'", and had some success with "Rolaids, Doan's pills and Preparation H" in 1980, which he recorded for Sun Records.

Dudley recorded more than 70 albums. Neither his single "Where's that Truck?", recorded with DJ Charlie Douglas, nor the track "Dave Dudley, American Trucker", recorded in 2002 in the wake of the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks, could revive his career.

Dave Dudley suffered a heart attack and died on December 22, 2003.

Most popular songs:

  • Six Days on the Road
  • Truck Drivin' Son-of-a-Gun
  • There Ain't No Easy Run
  • The Pool Shark (with Tom T. Hall)
  • Trucker's Prayer



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